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Makshat Festival and Exhibition in Riyadh

The third edition of the Makshat Festival and Exhibition is an exceptional event that embraces the splendor and diversity of the Kingdom’s culture. This prominent event combines four main elements that embody important aspects of our dear country’s heritage and culture, representing significant titles in Saudi hospitality. These elements include:  

1. Makshat: It showcases the spirit of adventure and love for nature, where visitors enjoy unique experiences in desert trips and hunting. They have the opportunity to explore the latest equipment and needs for desert trips, especially with the arrival of the best seasons in the Kingdom, the winter and spring. Within the Makshat area, we will provide tools and equipment for desert trips and hunting, along with a comprehensive cultural program throughout the event.  

2. Saudi Coffee: It takes visitors on an exciting journey to the world of flavors and exquisite aromas of Saudi coffee. Its various varieties and preparation methods offer a unique experience for coffee lovers. The Saudi coffee will be introduced from the farming stage to harvesting, as well as its new experiments with Saudi coffee farmers, producers, traders, and enthusiasts. We will also hold a Saudi coffee preparation competition for children aged 12 and above, along with many other exciting activities.  

3. Saudi Cuisine: It provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the world of traditional Saudi cuisine and taste distinctive dishes that reflect the diversity of the rich culture in the Kingdom. It immerses visitors in a delightful atmosphere of delicious flavors and unique experiences, evoking memories of the beautiful past and introducing new generations, tourists, and visitors to the authentic Saudi culinary culture.  

4. Blue Oud: The fourth element of Saudi hospitality is welcoming and bidding guests farewell. In this event, we will take visitors on a journey to the world of luxurious oud and its various local compositions. Through the participation of distinguished brands, a diverse range of oud and its compositions will be showcased

Terms & Conditions

  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • Ticket holders and their personal belongings may be searched upon entry to the event site. Dangerous and prohibited materials will be confiscated, as will any items that the organizer or security agency deems dangerous or could be used to harm the venue or spoil the event.
  • Food and drinks are prohibited.
  • Acknowledgment and commitment to maintaining public taste.
  • Professional photography and video cameras are prohibited.
  • As a venue attendee, the ticket holder consents to photos, videos, and recorded audio clips that may be posted online.
  • The Organizer will not be liable for bodily injury, illness, or death of any visitor (including ticket holder) or loss or damage to items arising from or in connection with the event.
  • The resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.
  • The organizing body has the right to expel any person who engages in behavior considered a violation.


Jan 07 - 15 2024



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Miskhat Festival and Exhibition

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