KAFD’s Ramadan Nights Event

Your Ramadan At KAFD
We’re thrilled to invite you to a unique Ramadan experience at KAFD where we’re welcoming the holy month in the spirit of communal joy and togetherness. Our Ramadan tent in Alwadi.
Visit us to enjoy unprecedented moments with variety of offerings for people of all ages. Starting with a traditional Futoor canon and a Musahharati informing people about time. Ramadan activities also include a dining area with live Qanoon music. A bazaar, kid’s zone ,and a relaxing lounge.
Join us to savor delicious food, a great ambianc and build lasting memories during the holy month, whether you’re with family, friends or colleagues. Share cherished moments and experience the spirit of the season like never before!

KAFD Ramadan event

Location: King Abdullah Financial Center (KAFD)
Event date: The entire holy month of Ramadan

Events offered:
1- Iftar and Suhoor tent from a luxurious Ramadan restaurant with a unique experience – breakfast price per person = 375 SAR,
Suhoor price per person = 299 SAR, special prices for companies and groups
2- A shisha lounge tent in which all types of coffee and sweets are available, in addition to all kinds of shisha.
3- A children’s play area with a unique Ramadan theme
4- A bazaar that includes many booths for different Saudi brands that giving a unique experience in the place

For corporate reservations: +966 50 451 1666

Terms and Conditions 

1. Acceptance of terms:

– Purchasing a ticket means accepting these terms and conditions.

2. Buy tickets:

– All sales tickets have expired.

-Tickets may be subject to additional fees, taxes or fees.

3. Refund Policy:

– No refunds are allowed.

4. Event changes or cancellation:

– The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event schedule or cancel the event.

– If the event is cancelled, ticket holders will be notified, and refunds will be given in accordance with the refund policy.

5. Possibility of transferring tickets:

– Tickets are non-transferable.

6. Entry requirements: 

– Attendees must adhere to age restrictions and any other entry requirements determined by the organizer.

– Attendees may be asked to provide proof of identification or proof of purchase for entry.

7. Code of Conduct:

– Attendees must adhere to the event and the rules of conduct.

– Reserves the right to remove any attendee who engages in disruptive or inappropriate behavior.

8. Liability and Disclaimer:

– Attendees participate at their own risk, and the organizer does not bear responsibility for any accidents or injuries.

By attending, attendees waive any claims against the event organizers.

9. Photography and recording:

– Attendees agree to be photographed, recorded, or videotaped during the event.

– The organizer reserves the right to use this media for promotional purposes.

10. Lost or stolen tickets:

-The organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

11. Force Majeure:

– The organizer is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances (force majeure) that may affect the event.

– In such cases, the event organizers will take appropriate measures and communicate with attendees.

12. Changing seats or location:

– Event management reserves the right to make changes to seating arrangements or venue layout. 

– Attendees will be informed of important changes in advance.

13. Compliance with laws:

– Attendees must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations during the event. By purchasing a ticket for the Event, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

-This event is being documented through videography and photography, and the captured materials will be shared on KAFD’s social media channels and website.

– Valet parking is avaiable during Futoor time only.

– Self-parking is available at all times 


Mar 13 2024 - Apr 11 2024



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King Abdullah Financial District
QJ7Q+HMF, Al Aqiq, Riyadh 13519

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