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IHF Super Globe Handball 2023 in Dammam

Saudi Vision 2030 incorporates the objective of promoting widespread and consistent engagement in sports activities and events, and handball is considered an essential element in this initiative, as this year, for the fourth year in a row, we will proudly host twelve elite handball teams from all over the world, representing the seven continents of the world. Where they will compete to win and seize the title of the club world championship in the sport of handball. This event demonstrates the remarkable global influence and growth of the sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, where… together we’ll catch the action


· Tickets must be presented at the gates

· The tickets are only for single entry, if he leaves the hall, the organizer can refuse to enter him again.

. Tickets are allowed for one game only

· Flags, pluck cards, banners, or any sort of comments that represent a political reason of a country will not be allowed at the venue.

· Eating and drinking are prohibited inside the match hall.

· Smoking can be done only in the allocated smoking area.

· It is forbidden to pray in places where it is not designated.

· Following the entry and exit times displayed in the tickets and evacuating the hall at the times specified for exit.

· The holder of this ticket shall be bound by these terms and conditions when purchasing, issuing, using or attempting to use the ticket.

· The organizing company, the ticket department and all its employees cannot be held responsible for issuing the card, the event and the place after tickets are purchased.

· After purchase, the ticket value cannot be refunded and cannot be exchanged, and only the organizer may resell the ticket or transferring it to a third party for the purpose of making a profit, and the ticket becomes void when it is resold or transferred in an unauthorized manner, and its holder will not be allowed to enter the place as it can be removed from it, and the organizer reserves the right to cancel any advertised ticket with the aim of reselling it in order to achieve a profit or gain commercial.

· The ticket holder is responsible for verifying the date, time, place and age of the event, and ticket holders must arrive early to the event site, and the organizer has the right to refuse to late people, and in this case the ticket holder is not entitled to claim a refund of the ticket price or request a refund.no compensation whatsoever.

· All ticket holders shall comply with the health and safety laws, rules and regulations governing the venue in which the event is held as notified the ticket holder from time to time by the organizer or the security apparatus at the venue.

· Ticket holders and their personal belongings may be searched upon entering the venue where the event is held, and prohibited and dangerous items will be confiscated, and any item deemed dangerous by the organizer or the security apparatus in the venue where the event is held or that could be used to cause damage to the venue will be confiscated or spoil the efficacy.

· Professional photography and video cameras are not allowed on the premises.

· The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry and the right to remove any person whose behavior it considers inappropriate at its own discretion or during security check

· The ticket holder, in his capacity as present at the venue, agrees to the photographs, video clips that are recorded it may be posted online.

· Neither the organizer nor the ticketing department shall be liable for bodily injury, illness or death of any visitor (including the holder of the ticket) or loss or damage to collectibles for reasons arising out of or related to the event.

· By purchasing this ticket, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions and to be bound by other terms and conditions, and restrictions imposed by the organizer before or during the event.


Nov 07 - 12 2023



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The Green Hall
Al Dammam

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