A day at Al-Hasawi Rose Farm offer

Experience a one-of-a-kind summer adventure filled with vitality and rejuvenation at the Al-Ahsa Rose Farm. Discover the enchanting rose fields with your family and personally handpick your own roses. Uncover the secrets of harvesting Al-Ahsa’s renowned roses, take a guided farm tour, and indulge in shopping for local products. Explore the picturesque Al-Ahsa rice fields on a bicycle, marveling at the breathtaking scenery. Don’t forget to capture precious moments with your loved ones amidst the farm’s captivating backdrop. Relax and embrace the family-friendly ambiance while basking in the natural splendor surrounding you. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to create cherished memories and experience the very best of Al-Ahsa.

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  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of Al-Ahsa’s rose fields, picking your own roses and learning the art of harvesting.
  • Embark on a bike ride through the scenic Al-Ahsa rice fields, capturing unforgettable moments and enjoying the serene atmosphere.


The duration of the tour is 4 hours  

Ticket Information: 

  • Al-Ahsa Farm Ticket Prices from: 76.91 USD
  • Please note that ticket sales are final and are non-refundable 
  • Please book your tickets 1 day before the trip 

How to get there:
By car: To reach Al-Ahsa Farm by car, take King Fahd Road south for approximately 15 kilometers, and follow the signs to the farm.  

By taxi: You can also request a ride-hailing service to Al-Ahsa Farm from anywhere in the Kingdom. It’s a famous destination and most drivers will be familiar with the location.

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