Fakieh Planetarium Admission

Fakieh Planetarium

Fakieh Planetarium Jeddah is not only an entertainment place but an up-to-date edutainment center. It occupies over 600 sqm and offers workshops, labs and other educational opportunities.

The tickets price depends on the age of a visitor. Kids from 3 to 12 years old can attend the venue with a discount. Tickets are valid 30 days from the date of booking.

Price from: 29.00 SAR

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Location : Fakieh planetarium ,Jeddah

A digital planetarium is a leading edge educational facility that helps to inspire learning. The spherical screen and latest digital technology makes you forget where you are and transports you to realistic representations of alternative environments – places and experiences that would not be possible in everyday life. This is called immersion.

Bringing subjects to life in an immersive experience adds a new dimension to learning. Using stunning visualization engages you in a way not possible in classrooms or from the internet. It can generate a lasting fascination and interest, and so inspires people to continue to learn.


Sunday to Thursday 5:00 pm till 01:00 am Friday and Saturday 5:00 pm till 02:00 am

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