Ebda Adventure Park

Park ticket

Ebda Adventure Park ticket price depends on the duration of your stay there. One hour of attendance costs less if you buy 2 hour access ticket rather than two tickets for 1 hour admission. Buying tickets online helps avoid wasting time at queue to the booking office. Buy ticket from Platinumlist

Here is a rundown of ticket prices Adventure Park:

  • Joy ticket (1 hour access) from 21.97 USD
  • Adventure ticket (2 hours access) from 32.96 USD
  • Giant swing from 15.34 USD
  • Sky and fly from 13.15 USD

Ebda Adventure Park Offers

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Price from: 80.00 SAR

100.00 SAR

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Location : Boulevard Riyadh

About Ebda Adventure Park

Enjoy the adventurous atmosphere of the brand new Ebda Adventure Park! It is located in the center of Riyadh Boulevard. The fun place offers guests a lot of engaging activities.They are welcome to try zip-lining, trampoline jumping, rock climbing and plenty of action park rides. Riyadh Adventure park can boast incredible indoor rope climbing and made-to-order climb up panels. Ebda is also great for kids where they can flip, bounce, climb and play, staying safe under control of trainers.


Ebda Adventure Park Opening Hours: Sunday to Monday: 16.00 – 2.00 am

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