My Mart Special offers

Visit My Mart outlets across Saudi Arabia and avail special prices on Kitchen and Home Appliances, Furnishings & Furniture, Makeup & Personal care, Electronics, Detergents & Home care, Stationery, Toys and baby care products and much more. Visit website to shop online.

About My Mart

“my mart” operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through large stores specialized in selling a wide variety of home accessories such as kitchen tools, small appliances, cleaning products, home décor, stationary, games, beauty accessories and many more.

My Mart is committed to providing all payment methods available to its customers. Most of the available payment methods are available in the online store. With most of the sales focused on impulse purchase, “my mart” has to frequently refresh most of its product portfolio and display a wide variety of items on the shelves. The starting point of the “my mart’s” Lean journey was the need to sustain such a complex product portfolio through flexible procurement while minimizing the cost of inventory

The following payment methods can be found when you shop online on My Mart

Payment by bank transfer: It is the process of transferring the amount directly from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account without an intermediary, either by the transfer by electronic card or go personal to the bank and transfer the amount in an official way.

Payment by Visa Card: You can use your credit card to pay your total purchases easily through a 100% safe and reliable payment gateway.

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