Mina Hypermarket Great Savings offers

Celebrate with Mina Hypermarket and enjoy reduced prices on fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, groceries, garments, mobiles  and more. Offers are valid until 26th Jan 2021.Visit website. 

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About Mina Hypermarket

Mina Hypermarket is situated at Hai Badar, Shifa Sanyah, Riyadh. Their aim is to ensure the availability of different products from different parts of the world under one roof for the customers. The retailer aims at providing customers with the best in class products, be it in groceries, home essentials, fashion, baby products and more. Their motto is to bring the products from all over the world under a single roof and fulfill the growing demands for farm-fresh produce and trending
products. They try to provide the the best service and offering them with the best prices in all the varieties of products to choose from. Customer friendly service, high quality, fresh and hygienic products are the top priorities.

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